Thursday, April 20, 2017

Las Vegas: Jerky and Keno

I left my pit stop in Williams, AZ and traveled west about three hours to the outskirts of Las Vegas. Today was basically my day of rest and relaxation. In the town of Henderson, I had lunch at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. Delicious, especially the custard! Then, onward to my destination for the day and night... California Hotel and Casino, located near Fremont Street in downtown Vegas. Established in 1975, this hotel attracts visitors from Hawaii with attractive vacation packages and a Aloha atmosphere. In a way, I feel right at home considering my parents are from Hawaii and I was born there, too.

After taking my stuff to my room, I walked down the block to Fremont Street. Here, you can see one of the most iconic signs in the city, Vegas Vic. Actually, I was more excited to shop at The Beef Jerky Store. If you want beef jerky, this is the place! They also have a LOT of snacks that Hawaiian locals love. 

The biggest reason I'm staying at The California is I have a comp (free) room, thanks to my heavy play on the gaming machines on my last visit to Vegas. I went home a winner and I didn't have a problem playing with the house's money today. My game of choice is Caveman Keno, a variation of your standard Keno but more fun. At first I was holding my own, but the machines went cold on me, and I ended up losing $60. But, that was really not my money, so I didn't feel bad. Tomorrow, I'll be driving pretty much all day as I continue my return trip home. 

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Anonymous said...

Aww, shucks. Even though I do miss you (and I'm sure you DO miss Kimi!) I'm going to miss reading and commenting on your adventures. It's like I'm on vacation, but you get to pay all the costs! :-P

Continued safe and FUN travels! :-)

Kurt & Josie "Meow!" :-)